An Inquiry Regarding Civil War Service

With this blog, I plan to explore the Civil War experiences among my ancestors, their siblings, and brothers-in-law. I expect to tag individual entries with one of six designations; although I’ll write in random order, the tags will allow the reader to match close family members. The tags corrspond to six extended family groupings. This page, when completed, will list all members — of appropriate age — in each of the six groups. That is, we’ll have a list of all members born between 1825 and 1845, along with spouses (even if they married after the war). After I write a post on one of the individuals below, I’ll enable a link.


William Harvey Carpenter
Sophia Kinney Carr

Sarah Ann Carr
Cyrus B. Williams

Mary Louisa Carr
Enos Pratt Hale


Cynthia B. Clark
James F. Macy

Hannah Clark
Theodore B. Hazzard

Caroline Clark
Daniel G. Taber

Sarah Spooner Wilcox Clark
John William Sills

Adelaide Clark
William H. Ingersoll

Edward Prascey Sills
Sarah E. May


Harmon Baughn
Luella Barton

Emily Baughn
Henry C. Warner

Elvira Baughn
William F. Vore

Marcella Baughn
Warren C. Letson


Ellen Harriet Parker
Daniel C. Potter


John Calvin Goodrich
Jenny Lavinia Paul

Eliza Tremain Goodrich
Gardner A. Watkins

Edward Milton Goodrich
Anne Smith

Olive Augusta Goodrich
George P. Haywood

Pluma Goodrich
Jeremiah Miner

Caroline Aletta Goodrich
Jonathan I. Miner

Sylvia Ann Paul
Warren Cressy
Oliver Auton

Henry Wells Paul
Helen E. Dwelle


Elizabeth H. Longwell
James M. McNabb

Matilda Longwell
David Scott Coyle

Grace A. Longwell
Omer Osmer

James Calvin Longwell

Samuel Maclay Geiger Longwell
Susan Ackley

Florence Longwell
Frank A. Hutton

Mary Patterson Stuart
James B. Thompson


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