James Calvin Longwell

The following notice appeared in The Lewistown Gazette, on August 26, 1885:

A dispatch from Scotdale, Westmoreland County [Pennsylvania], announces the death of James C. Longwell, a well -known traveling printer. He arrived in Scotdale a few days go and obtained employment in the office of the Tribune. He slept in the offfice and took his meals at restaurante. On Thursday morning he was found dead where he laid down to sleep. An autopsy revealed the fact that death resulted from cngestion of the lungs. The deceased was born at Milroy, Mifflin County, and was about 47 years of age. He learned the printing trade about thirty years ago under Mr. A.J. Greer, foreman of the Morning Tribune, of Altoona, when the latter was conducting the Juniata Sentinel at Mifflin. He served in the late war as a member of the Eleventh Pennsylvania regiment. After the war he wandered over the country, working at his trade wherever he chanced to stricke a job, but never remaining long in one place. He was an excellent compositor, and a jovial, good natured fellow, who was not concerned about the flucuations in trade, or whether he had a dime or a dollar in his pocket. He was a frequent visitor at Altoona, and worked in nearly all the offices in the city. His disease and death was no doubt the result of exposure. His remains were taken in charge by the Grand Army post at Scotdale, and were interred Saturday at Stonerville Peace to his ashes.



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