William Harvey Carpenter

William H. Carpenter was born in Taunton Mass in 1836.  His father died in 1840, and his mother remarried Silas Chace in [year].  William married Sophia Carr in [year], and in 1860 they were living in Taunton, with their three year old son George.   William enlisted in Company C of the 22d Mass Infantry on 9 Feb 1861.  The 22d Mass was involved in the Peninsula Campaign in 1862, and saw action in the Seven Days Battle.  William was wounded in the hand at Malvern Hill, the last of the Seven Days, and was hospitalized.  He mustered out on January 5, 1863.  His unit had gone on to fight at Antietam after the Seven Days.

William re-enlisted in Company B of the 58th Mass Infantry on [date] 1864.  The 58th Mass was deployed to Northern Virginia, and took part in the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5 and 6, 1864.  After that, they marched to Spottsylvania Courthouse, and engaged in the battle there on May 12, 1864.  The 58th lost 13 killed and 90 wounded, including William Carpenter, who was shot through the knee.  He was again hospitalized, and was only released a year later.

William was seriously disabled as a result of his wounds, and ended up dying young, in 1877.


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