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Enos Pratt Hale

July 21, 2008

In 1860, Enos P. Hale (picture) was a 23 year old mason, living in Taunton, Massachusetts with his family. His father Levi was a master mason.

He was first in the 4th Massachusetts — the Taunton Light Guards, a 3 month militia unit of “Minute Men” — and then joined to 22d Massachusetts on September 2, 1861 as a 2d Lieutenant. Hale was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on May 7, 1862. The 22d fought in the Peninsula campaign through the first half of 1862, including the Seven Days battles near Richmond at the end of June. Afterward, the 22d moved northwards, and fought at Antietam. Hale resigned from the 22d shortly after the battle.

Hale married Mary Louisa Carr in 1863, but died in 1868.


Cyrus B. Williams

July 17, 2008

In 1860, Cyrus B. Williams was 32, living in Raynham Massachusetts with his wife Sarah (Carr), three year old son Edgar, his elderly mother, and a 45 year old hired man, who’d been born in Ireland. He was a farmer, with real estate worth $3,000 and personal property worth $700. These were not inconsiderable sums for a man of his class.

No service record found.