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George Porter Haywood

July 17, 2008

George P. Haywood lived in Springfield, Vermont, in 1860. A 39 year old farmer, he lived with his wife Martha (Nourse), son George W., and his elderly mother. He had real estate worth $3,800 and personal property worth another $2,000. Haywood left the farm, and went into the hardware business, first with his brother, and then with William Cobb under the name Cobb & Haywood. He was one of the initial directors of the First National Bank, and VP of the Springfield Savings Bank. Haywood was still living in Springfield in 1880 with second wife Olive Augusta (Goodrich). They had married in 1876, his first wife having died the year before. Her first husband, Farrington Derby, had died in 1872, after 8 years of marriage.

He does not appear to have served in the Civil War.


Gardner Augustus Watkins

July 17, 2008

The 1860 census found Gardner Watkins living in Springfield, Vermont. A 27 year old surgical instrument maker, he lived with his wife Eliza (Goodrich), her sister Augusta (a 21 year old school teacher), and two young machinist apprentices. Watkins had real estate worth $1,000, and $600 in personal property. Tax assessment records from 1864 show him living in Cavendish, Vermont, manufacturing clothes pins. By 1867, he had moved to Gardner, Massachusetts, and worked as a machinist at a furniture factory: he invented a loom for weaving cane. Watkins’ son, Edward, is known for having invented the time clock.

Watkins did not serve in the armed forces during the Civil War.